To Pimp A Butterfly

A masterpiece of an album , hitting the core of issues in todays society, that a lot of modern hip hop artist fail to address nor wouldn’t dare to scratch upon. Kendrick does this with such aggression in his tone, cliche (but perfectly fitting ) G-funk soul productions and with so many double entendre to leave you flicking through Rap Genius every other line to gain all fuller understanding for all his opinions.

Don’t let me start on the convo between Kendrick and Tupac, if you are a Tupac fan, you will dig this body of music, I know I do. Tracks like “trapped” sprung to mind instantly through out the album:

If your a Spike Lee fan this piece is shouting “Do The Right Thing” or “School Daze”

I have become a “slave” for Spotify, it is were I would vet an album before purchase even in my stan moments (Kanye) I would want to check the quality of the album, before making a decision on if its that good I couldn’t commute without it ( yes you can do this with Spotify premium *roll my eyes*) before buying it. But “To Pimp A Butterfly” I bought without my usual spending process,  I knew kendrick wouldn’t let me down and I was right .

For all you that still haven’t got a copy, have a listen to the Spotify link is below,

AOSOON at Huw Stephens Presents at the Social

Amazing gig last night at the social, the audience was captivated by the folky vocals combined with bluesy guitar riffs . The duo had natural chemistry and that’s were the magic of the performance laid.

have a listen to their EP CAPO3 if you don’t listen to anything else today